Monday, December 3, 2012

Thailand 3; Pai; Thanksgiving Remix

Holidays are the hardest time to be away from home, luckily not only did I find the Asian version of Thanksgiving food, but because of Skype randomly turning on by itself, I was able to Skype my mom as well. A Thanksgiving miracle!

After eating falafels for breakfast and watching my friend get a tattoo (you know, typical Thanksgiving activities), I spent the better part of the day searching for a Thanksgiving food with my British and Dannish friends who had no idea how important pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving is, yet remained enthusiastic and optimistic. In the end I had an Asian version of Thanksgiving provided by the street venders; chicken and vegetable kebab= turkey and green beans, blueberry smoothie=cranberry sauce, pumpkin egg roll= pumpkin pie (which I convinced a random American on the street to buy so we could toast) cheese and banana roti= just plain good (and contributed to my the stretching out of the elastic band on my skirt).

Although it wasn't a typical Thanksgiving, it was spend with quality people and was a good reminder to appreciate the small things like days spent going on missions for pumpkin pie with people that have never experienced it (yes, pumpkin pie is an experience).

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