Monday, December 3, 2012

Thailand 5; Chiang Mai; Tiger Kingdom

Who still has 2 thumbs and got to play with a baby tiger? This girl.

Tiger Kingdom is place in Chiang Mai where you can play with tigers....real ones. There are 4 cages you can choose from: smallest, small, medium and big. Although the contrast of me and the big fellas would be amusing I decided to stick with someone my own size, the smallest.

Rumors have gone around that they are drugged. I admit that I have no qualifications to make an educated judgment but it didn't seem that way to me. The babies acted like little kids, smacking each others faces and pouncing playfully on unsuspecting victims. It was hard for me to contain my girl "awwww"s.

In Chiang Mai I also got my Mexican food fix (my friend, Smiley Gange won an eating bet), walked A LOT, and attempted to get a massage my prison inmates (it was booked when I arrived). There is a prison in the old city that lets the inmates give massages (and a few other services) as part of the rehabilitation process. Now that's a happy ending.

When it was time to say goodbye to the N, I took a night us to Bangkok and met up with my friend that I had met the last time I was in Thailand (at the Full moon party of all places) and his girlfriend for one last dish of crispy pork and basil.

Next stop:Nepal!

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