Friday, February 1, 2013

India 3; Varanasi; Bollywood Fever

I have a new guilty pleasure: Bollywood movies without English subtitles. Luckily the 3 hour film's plot was a simple good guy vs bad guy + love side story classic full of classic Bollywood dance moves throughout. Cheese factor: high! I have a theory that the better the mustache, the more popular the actor; the main actor's had lip eye-candy that would even make Tom Selleck jealous. Another thing I was impressed by was the healthy weight of the head actress. Instead of showing an anorexic woman made of plastic, she had some padding and set a good example for young girls.

Snoop Nihonjin and I decided to be ballers and take the diamond seats with huge reclining seats and neighbors that were highly amused that we would attend a showing in a foreign language. There was an intermission and slides warning of the dangers of smoking throughout. I'm afraid this movie has sparked a Bollywood addiction.

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