Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mexico 5, Piedra Ancha; Lil' Buggers

I've never been a fan of mosquitos and ants but this trip brought my hate to a whole new level. Our humble housing consisted of a concrete floor, 4 walls, an obnoxiously squeaky door, a bucket flushing outhouse, a hose (aka shower) and bugs, lots and lots of bugs. The constant itching made me disassociate myself from my own skin; I wanted my skin off. My legs were covered with raw polka dots by the end of the 2 weeks and I even got the pleasure of contracting an apple sized infection on my knee (I'll talk more about that treat later). And if that wasn't enough, then came the snoring. 5 snoring men composed a symphony every night and I had VIP seating. Besides the bugs and the nostril music, the freeze dried food/malt-o-meal meals, pad and sleeping bag bed and hose shower weren't half bad.

At night, we'd all gather on the porch and eat our freeze dried supper while recounting old and new cave stories and promising leads. Cerveza was mandatory.

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