Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Argentina 4; El Bolson; Lazy Hazy Days

When we arrived in El Bolson we were swarmed with people offering us rooms at hostels; B Burt leaned over to me and whispered "it's like Asia, no?"...Si. After 2 hours of trying to find a decent place to stay we finally settled on the cheapest hostel run creepiest woman in town. This turned out to be an excellent decision. It was more of a home than a hostel (they sheltered anyone who needed a place)and the woman's creepiness grew on me.

In the last 30 years El Bolsón has been declared both a non-nuclear zone and an ‘ecological municipality.' I don't know if we were effected by the marijuana in the air but this bohemian town known for its hippy aura made us lazy. We recuperated for 3 days by eating churros and submarinos (a genius invention of hot milk with whole chunks of chocolate "submarines"), strolling around, going to their famous local craft market, and hanging out with fellow travelers at our hostel.

The local market, making an appearance several times a week, exceeded my expectations. Hundreds of tastefully decorated stalls with excellent quality crafted goods – wood, stone, leather, glass, fabric. Amazing food, great home made beers. An orchestra man, as much for his own enjoyment as anyone elses. Bohemian characters panning out, joking, sipping mate. It's an almost magical place.

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