Friday, February 1, 2013

India 11; Rishikesh; The Yoga Nazi

My first yoga class in town was memorable to put it lightly. Usha Devi is a German woman in her late 50's or early 60's that is the yoga nazi. She is notorious for her focus on lyengar, which works the body deeply and precisely. She would not accept anything short of perfection and even then she would probably give it a shrug and insert her idea of a compliment; "I guess it's not the worst posture I've ever seen." I was thoroughly entertained as she yelled, rolled her eyes in disappointment, and smacked the students (I got a few spanks on the tush myself). All she needed was a whip to complete her persona. She encourage (demanded) us to focus on every muscle and bone in our body and push ourselves past our limits. I was just thankful she didn't pick on me to demonstrate in front of the class while everyone critiqued me; I couldn't tell if they were shaking from fear or muscle fatigue. Her unique style made it strangle enjoyable in a masochist type of way...but one class was enough.

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