Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mexico 3; Piedra Ancha; Now Introducing...

The once was a girl named Danika
Who traveled from Rome to Topeka
But finding big cave
Made her yell, shout, and rave
Proclaiming her finders on loud speaker

There once was a caver named Herb
When speaking of cave we all heard
"If it's less than ten miles
There's no need to smile
For anything less is absurd."

There once was a caver named Larry
Whose strength and charisma was scary
But despite his tough talk
And swaggering walk
On hot leads he'd prance like a fairy

There once was a caver named Edd
Who just couldn't get out of bed
The only borehole he'd find
was just in his mind
Just delusions he dreamed in his head

There once was a caver named Bob
Who in tight passage would whimper and sob
With grunts, moans, and snoggin
From all of the sloggin
But new borehole would make swell his nob

~Above limericks by Ron Delano

Ron was a caver that had a big fanny
He would survey every nook and each cranny
He would not stop
He'd survey till he'd drop
It really was quite uncanny

~Limerick by Herb

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