Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Argentina 6; El Calafate; Cool Stuff

When we arrived into town we went to the hostel that had recommended to us by some friends. At 100 pesos/ dorm bed (with the hosteling international discount), It was a bit too pricey so we checked next door only to find a man that was almost positively an alcoholic as the owner offering us beds for 35 pesos. Accepted! I did get stuck in the bathroom with a leaky toilet for 20 minutes and had to have the door almost broken down to escape...still worth it.

As for my infection, I saw a doctor but wasn't able to get tested because antibiotics were still in my system. The sores seemed dormant so there seemed no harm in waiting until after the trek.

That night I had a small world moment. Thanks to Facebook and its specialty in letting people who haven't talked in years know too much informations about each other, my childhood friend (he was recently working in Antarctica) and I discovered we were in the same continent (which is more than I can say for 99.9% of my friends from home in the last 2 years). I remember the old days (Elementary School) where I would walk to Dacre's house and ask his parents if he could play. We vaguely kept in touch through middle and high school but went our own ways thereafter. This made it all the more amazing to see him in Argentina after all these years. The Double D's had reunited!

The next day B Burt, our Argentinian friend and I headed to Calafate's main (only) attraction, Porito Moreno glacier. I had never seen a glacier before so I didn't have much to compare it to but it was pretty cool. Astonishing blue colors outlined the enormous ice block. It formed a dramatic cliff into the turquoise water and every so often we could hear a crackling noise and see ice chunks take a dive into the water.

Our Argentinian friend got an unfortunate call from his employer saying he had to come back to work early so B Burt and I sadly had to carry on to Puerto Natales, Chile without him.

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